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COBISS/OPAC - Direct links

Examples of direct URL links to some functions within COBISS/OPAC.

NOTE: URLs must not contain spaces, letters with a diacritic placed over them, aka as caron (č, š, ž) and some other characters. Instead of a space either the "+" sign or the "%20" characters should be used.

Examples of links

Link to individual library or database

    (Library NBKM)

What to do? In the base parameter, enter either the library code or cronym or a word from the name of the library or a database. If the word is contained in the names of several libraries, a list of these libraries will appear. The best way to access individual libraries within COBISS is to use a unique data within the COBISS system, i.e. the library's code.


    (Searching COBIB: Enter a search term with letters without a caron)
    (Replace a space with the "+" sign)

What to do? In the select гparameter, enter a search term in the advance search mode using spaces and letters without a caron.